Coffee is a Wild Gift!

Wild Gift Coffee is 100% owned by Clancy Rose, Rob Ovitt, and Jenée Ovitt. Jared Hill joined the crew in 2018 and Sylvon Stevens, in 2020.

Almost as rare as the Ecuadorian Stubfoot toad, Clancy is a native Austinite. Jumping into coffee directly after high school, he was always intrigued by coffee travel. He is a former barista, long time coffee roaster, and our green coffee buyer. Always in search of hard to find coffees and other rare species in the depths of the coffee jungle, Clancy's spirit animal is the Amur Leopard.

As a Texas native, Jenee learned about life in New York City and learned about coffee in North Carolina. She came back to her roots to her chosen hometown of Austin to make her coffee dreams come true. She uses her skills as a supertaster to QC as much coffee as she can drink. She also tries to make the space inviting and nice for all who come in. This can be a challenge in a company full of men. Jared helps. Her spirit animal is a semi-feral black cat with a platinum and ruby tiara.

After growing up in Southern California on a steady diet of ocean breezes and gas station coffee, Rob moved to Austin in the late 90's. Soon he fell in love with good coffee. As the senior member of the Wild Gift team, he tries to embrace the role of resident old man while still maintaining a youthful optimism. Thanks to the natural mood-elevating properties of coffee, this appears to be sustainable. On any given day, you might find him knee-deep in roasting, production, cupping, or training. Or maybe swimming at Barton Springs. He loves coffee and coffee people. But mostly coffee. And people. His spirit animal is the Civet.

Everything changed for Jared in 2012, when a specialty coffee shop opened next door to his apartment in Fullerton, Ca. It did not take long before he considered leaving a lucrative career as a saxophonist to follow a path in coffee that led him to his first roasting gig in Central Texas. Now, as the most fabulous roaster in the Wild Gift family, Jared is known for adding an extra sparkle to just about everything. He's an easy guy to spot around Austin, toting two large poodles to coffee shops all over town. It goes without saying that his spirit animal is the illustrious winged unicorn.

Leaving the concrete sprawl of Houston, Sylvon made his way to Austin to commence his sophomore year of high school. His journey in coffee began when he got his first apartment where he met a neighbor who worked in specialty coffee and enthusiastically shared her knowledge of the coffee world . He’s held various positions in the industry from barista to trainer, cafe manager, and technician, to joining the WG Team. In his spare time you can find him on a soccer pitch or watching an Arsenal game with his wife and future soccer pro son. His spirit animal is Bagheera, the panther.

Coffee is a Wild Gift!

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